An Apology, a New Look and a Vase

The Apology

I know everyone is overwhelmed with all sorts of different electronic communications, and I certainly don’t want to unnecessarily add to that load.  This past weekend, as I was playing around with a new look for this blog, I think I may have inadvertently sent out email notifications of a new post.  The subject line may have been something like “[New Post] 411” or something similar.  Sorry about that!

The New Look

Well, what do you think?  Good, bad, indifferent?  Really, I’d like to know.  Is the white text on the black background okay?  Do you like the previews of multiple posts with the “Read more” option?  Please send me a quick note with your thoughts using the “Contact Me” form on the right, send me an email at “greenpixmail [at]” or simply reply to this post with a comment.

Besides the new look, I’ve added a feature I call “Nice Folks, Nice Things” along the left sidebar of the Home page.  You’ll notice that clicking on these images will open a new window with a link to that person’s Etsy shop.  Would you like to be featured in this section?  Just make sure that you’re an email subscriber to this blog, and that you contact me with the URL of your shop, website or blog, and I’ll do my best to work everyone in at some point.  No promises and no guarantees, but I’ll try to be fair!

The Vase

As I’ve said before, sometimes a photo just looks “right.”

This one, from Wil Morris Pottery, shows a green Ikebana vase in a very simple setting.  The (almost) pure white of the foreground transitions beautifully through many shades of gray to the nondescript darker background.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you know by now that I’m usually not a big fan of shadows.  But in those examples, the shadows were distracting and inappropriate.  In this photo, the shadow adds some dimensional and tonal interest to an otherwise muted scene.  It’s also a great complement to the unlit opening in the top of the vase.  Nice job Wil!

And that’s all I have to say (for now).  Until next time … Happy Shooting!

7 thoughts on “An Apology, a New Look and a Vase

  1. Hi GPix,

    As I’ve been revamping my site (please give feedback!) as well, I can totally understand the accidental post (you’re forgiven, and it was a very pretty picture), as well as the desire for feedback on the new layout.

    1) I really don’t like the gray type in your main content areas. I know you said it’s white, but with the font you’ve chosen, it’s comes across as more of a gray. The italicized text as well as the header texts are fine, but my first glimpse of the blog was a squint to make out the words. Not what you want, right? I think that perhaps even a larger size on the font would help if nothing else.

    2) I like the Read More sections of the articles. I’ve found that particularly helpful when getting a flavor for the writing or content involved without having to scroll through long (although extremely well written) articles looking for the information I need right then.

    3) The Nice Folks, Nice Things idea is marvelous! I’m very much looking forward to your picks and perhaps a short comment on why their photos turned out so nicely….

    Hope this helps!


  2. Love your blog. Been following for a while.

    Have to say I don’t like the white on black. Nothing personal, it just makes my eyes hurt.

    Whenever I run into this situation, if it is something I really have to read, I end up having to highlight all the text so the colors reverse and I can read it again.

    Sorry to be a downer, but just wanted to give some honest constructive feedback as this may effect others this way as well.

  3. I have to agree, I like the old look better; it’s easier on the eyes. The ‘New Post’ 411 – was a little confusing at first, as I received a blank email, but then that happens. I just waited a few days and …there it all was, confusion sorted out. Everything else is great as always. As I said in my other comment…thanks for the ‘Nice Folks, Nice Things’ it’s a great way to promote Etsy sellers, and I agree with Kaelindesign, perhaps in future, a little bit about each pic and why you chose it?

    I like the ‘Read More’ option, but then I always read your whole blog, the option to check out other ‘posts’ may come in handy in the future. All in all, except for the colours, it looks good.

    Beautiful pic from Wil Morris Pottery, I can see why you chose that one! Have a great day and thanks again!


  4. Gpix,

    LOVE your site and the information you so easily communicate. It really is an artform in and of itself! I just subscribed the other day and when I got the message I was excited about another post. When I didn’t see one, I figured it was a weekly summary email about the Blog. If you didn’t apologize, I wouldn’t have known anything was amiss! No worries…

    Your posts have inspired us at our shop to take some pretty good looking pictures if I do say so myself. We’ve received lots of feedback and all are positive. Do you have any pointers for us? It’s hard to capture sparkle in a photo (at least I think so!)… OR (<–this site has some video too!)

    This new blog layout and design reminds me of a newspaper or journal…not bad, but I just like to see pretty pictures when I know they exist in all your posts. I LOVE the categories portion!

    Thank you again for all your hard work…We really do appreciate it!


    • Christine,

      Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

      Sure, I’d be happy to take a look at your shop. I’ll let you know if I have any ideas.


  5. Good job on the new look and feel. I love your new homepage layout – it’s really good.

    I agree with you on the pottery photo. It looks just perfect. I think the shadow makes this photo.

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