Great Photos – One Step at a Time

Okay, this post is going to be extremely short and not very informative.  No, don’t unsubscribe — I promise that there’s more great information to come!

You see, the “theme” I’m using for the layout of this blog forces me to do some really weird stuff to get that “featured” image on the home page.  Sometimes I can use a photo that’s part of the post itself, but other times I just want to put something unrelated up there.  That’s what this post is — a “dummy” to let me do that.

But while I have your attention, here’s a reminder to send in some more questions for my Q&A posts.  There are still a few that I haven’t had the opportunity to answer yet, but the more the merrier, so keep ’em coming.

Until next time (when I actually have something useful to say) … Happy Shooting!

2 thoughts on “Great Photos – One Step at a Time

  1. Such delicious colours.
    Could this be used as a background for say, a simple flower head?
    With layers? And if yes, how?
    I can put a transparent layer on top of something, or add a layer on the edge of something, but have no idea how to transfor something into a background.
    Maybe I’ve been doing it the wrong way round.

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