These Guys Can Shoot

It’s been a while since I did one of my “Things I Like” posts, so I thought I’d put one together using some great product photography examples I found from fellow members in the “Men of Etsy” team (tag “menofetsyteam“).  These guys not only make and sell a variety of cool items, but they do a really nice job with the photography as well.  Be sure to check out their shops (just click on the shop name hyperlinks).

Before I get into the discussion about the individual photos, I want to let everyone know that there will be a teamwide sale from July 17 through July 24.  Just search for “boysofsummer” to find participating members.  Also use the “boysofsummer” coupon code to get your 15% discount.  Now, on to the photos…

From GalloGrotte

Why it works — There is often debate about whether hands (or ears, feet, etc.) should be included in product photos.  In this particular case, there’s no room for debate.  The tips of the fingers (not the whole hand), coming from the corner of the frame, provide a good sense of scale without interfering with the subject.  You’ll notice that the fingers are not dominant and don’t draw the eye.

What I might have done a little differently — Tried a darker, richer background color.



Why it works — White backgrounds, if done properly, can make a dramatic statement (especially if the entire shop is done the same way).  That’s just what you get here … variations in color, texture and depth of the luggage tag set nicely (and with realism) against the cleanliness and simplicity of the background.

What I might have done a little differently — Put some humorous text on the ID card (just to see if anyone notices).


From blkphoenix856 

Why it works — There’s more to the photo than just the subject.  The rough wooden blocks and smooth stone have nothing to do with the bracelet, but they add a lot of depth, texture and interest to the photo.

What I might have done a little differently — Used the “levels” tool in my editing software to add some dimensionality.


From jerryswoodworks

Why it works — This is just a nice, soothing combination of colors, textures and patterns.  The wine label and wooden block suitably complement, yet don’t detract from, the bottle stopper.

What I might have done a little differently — Cropped a little more off the bottom and right side of the image to bring more attention to the handle of the stopper.


From bradgoodell

Why it works — Good background choice, striking arrangement, realistic reflections and good use of the rule of thirds.  Not much else to say!

What I might have done a little differently — Adjusted the lighting to make the back edge of the table a little less prominent.


From AdornmentsNYC

Why it works — The background pattern and texture really add interest; the visibility of the background through the crystal is an added bonus.  The components are nicely positioned within the 1:1 aspect ratio frame.  Overall, a pleasing arrangement.

What I might have done a little differently — Lowered the camera angle a few degrees to add a bit more perspective.


That’s all for now.  Happy Shooting!